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Sunday, September 17, 2006

World Fighter Championships are rich?

Following Cesar Gracie's signing of the guy who knocked him out in 20 seconds, MMAWeekly sheds further light on the moneybags organization Cesar works for : The World Fighter Championships.

While signing Frank Shamrock was smart, paying him millions was not. And the list of other fighters Cesar is shooting for is good but no better than all the other challenger organizations that have sprung up over the past year. Matt Lindland, Joey Villasenor, Clay Guida ... the one thing these guys have in common is they aren't very well known to the average knuckle dragging UFC viewer.

Mind you, there's a saying that when companies fight, the customer wins. But this isn't always the case in the MMA world. Depending on the kind of contracts that are being signed, all these new companies could be splintering the market, artificially raising fighter salaries past a sustainable level, and spreading the top fighters across dozens of organizations where they can't fight eachother. I seem to remember the same thing happening in boxing. And boy, isn't that sport just doing great right now!

Read more about the World Fighter Championships here


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