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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kevin Randleman's Urine Issue

Wow, I don't even have to make anything up for this one:
"If it does indeed turn out that the urine sample provided by Randleman did not contain any human hormones, that would mean that it was urine from a dead human or urine from a non-human."
Holy shit people ... what kind of retarded three stooges scenario would have ended up with either of these as being the case? I can see like "Oops, this is white dude pee" or "Oops, this pee is 2 days old". But getting urine from an animal? I'm going to rule out the whole 'dead human' option, because what ... the ... fuck. Is this even a realistic possibility? Is there a trade in dead people urine or something?

Anyways, read it yourselves. My mind is officially blown.



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