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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Link Dump for November 7th

Okay, so accidents happen and i got a bit too depressed after the SIX FUCKING HOURS of Bushido I watched yesterday. So my doctor says I should be careful typing too much while the cuts on my wrist heal up. But what the hell does he know? I'll work through my injury like a true bushido warrior!

Anyways, a lot of interesting things have happened. If you were excited for the TUF finale, you can relax : Michael Bisping is now off the card due to visa issues, and no not the credit card kind. The ignorant 'Everyone is a terrorist, we're not lettting anyone work in America anymore' kind.

Some good heavyweight news: Aleksander Emelianeknenoeaifh has said he is in negotiation with the UFC. With Pride tightening it's belt financially, could this be the first of several fighter defections? As well, we've got an interview with big dumb fuck Tim Sylvia.

Finally, another black eye for Pride with a big name promoter talking about Pride's Yakuza connections, submitted in the form of a court appeal. This could turn into big news that could hurt Pride's attempt to get on TV for New Years Eve. If things evolve, you'll see the links here. Or somewhere else. Whatever works for ya :-p

Microsoft XBox 360 will feature ability to download UFC content

Kendall Grove enjoying bout with success

Kawamata names big yakuza groups in appeal

Triple-Threat Spratt Content to Focus on Fighting

UFC Confirms Story On Bisping/TUF 4 Finale



Aleksander Emelianenko: Destination UFC

Paulo Filho Explains Bushido G.P. Drop Out

Jeff Joslin vs Josh Koscheck at UFN in December

A List of 2006 UFC Welterweight Division Matches and Records

Ricardo Arona: Looking at the belt〈=e&cur=eur

Exclusive Tim Sylvia interview

Truth Behind The Scene #12 : 'Who Signs The Contracts?'

Jeff "The Inferno" Joslin Interview


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